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Tandem History help

Essentially, the HistoryR value (a real number between 0 and 1) measures the levels of redundant mutations in the repeat (mutations that appear in the same position in several copies of the repeat), and redundant mutation motifs (the same or similar sets of mutations that appear in the several copies of the repeat). A larger number means more redundancy. Repeats are predicted to be polymorphic if HistoryR >= 0.54 and %GC >= 0.48.

These criteria were tested in repeats from human chromosomes 21 and 22. Within the set of repeats that were selected by the criteria, 59% had a heterozygosity value >= 0.5 and only 6% were monomorphic, whereas the background rate was 43% with heterozygosity >= 0.5 and 25% monomorphic.

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