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Publications 2001 - CAGT

  • Lander ES et al, Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome. Nature. 2001 Feb 15;409(6822):860-921. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • Yanai I, Derti A, DeLisi C. Genes linked by fusion events are generally of the same functional category: a systematic analysis of 30 microbial genomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Jul 3;98(14):7940-5. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • Zhang C, DeLisi C. Protein folds: molecular systematics in three dimensions. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2001 Jan;58(1):72-9. Review. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • Gulukota K, DeLisi C. Neural network method for predicting peptides that bind major histocompatibility complex molecules. Methods Mol Biol. 2001;156:201-9.
  • Weng, Z. (2001) Bioinformatics. Macmillan's Biology.
  • Frith, MC., Hansen, U., Weng, Z. (2001) Detection of cis-element clusters in higher eukaryotic DNA Bioinformatics 17(10):878-889. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • Hsiao, L.L., Dangond, F., Yoshida, T., Hong, R., Jensen, R.V., Misra, J., Dillon, W., Lee, K.F., Clark, K.E., Haverty, P., Weng, Z., Mutter, G.L., Frosch, M.P., Macdonald, M.E., Milford, E.L., Crum, C.P., Bueno, R., Pratt, R.E., Mahadevappa, M., Warrington, J.A., Stephanopoulos, G., Stephanopoulos, G., Gullans, S.R. (2001) A Compendium of Gene Expression in Normal Human Tissues. Physiological Genomics. 7: 97-104.
  • Lander ES, Szustakowski J,et al. (2001) Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome. Nature 409(6822):860-921. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • Camacho C, and Vajda S. Protein docking along smooth association pathways. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 98: 10636-10641, 2001. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • Kimura R, Brower R, Vajda S, and Camacho C. Dynamical view of the positions of key side chains in protein-protein recognition. Biophys. J., 80: 635-642, 2001. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • G. Benson. Tandem Cyclic Alignment. Proceedings of the 12th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM 2001), LNCS, 2089:118-130, 2001.
  • P. Le Fleche, Y. Hauck, L. Onteniente, A. Prieur, F. Denoeud, V. Ramisse, P. Sylvestre, G. Benson, F. Ramisse, G. Vergnaud. A Tandem Repeats Database for Bacterial Genomes: Application to the Genotyping of Yersinia pestis and Bacillus anthracis. BioMed Central Microbiology 1:2-15, 2001. [Abstract][Full Text]
  • Daniel Segre', Barak Shenhav, Ron Kafri and Doron Lancet. The molecular roots of compositional inheritance. Journal of Theoretical Biology (2001), 213, 481-491. [Abstract]
  • Daniel Segre', Dafna Ben-Eli, David Deamer and Doron Lancet. The Lipid World. Origins Life Evol. Biosphere (2001) 31, 119-145. [Abstract]

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