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Mutation Master Overview

Mutation Master accepts a multiple alignment data file (.MSF) and rapidly provides a visual display and tabulation of site, frequency, number and likelihood of point mutations. Alignment of many related sequences from viral or bacterial quasi-species can reveal important information about proteins, RNA, and DNA, including changes that correlate with pathogenicity, drug susceptibility and sequence structure. Extracting this information, manually, from multiple alignments is often difficult, especially when a large number of long sequences are utilized. Analysis of hepatitus C virus (HCV) protein sequences using Mutation Master has identified possible sites of amino acid structural interaction, and has revealed that ARFP, a novel protein encoded in an overlapping reading frame, is as conserved as conventional HCV proteins. See the paper J. Walewski, J. Gutierrez, W. Branch-Elliman, D. Stump, T. Keller, A. Rodriguez, G. Benson, and A. Branch. Mutation Master: Profiles of Substitutions in Hepatitis C Virus RNA of the Core, Alternate Reading Frame and NS2 Coding Regions, RNA 8:557-571, 2002.

J. L. Walewski, J. A. Gutierrez, W. Branch-Elliman, D. D. Stump, T. R. Keller, A. Rodriguez, G. Benson and A. D. Branch
Mutation Master: profiles of substitutions in hepatitis C virus RNA of the core, alternate reading frame, and NS2 coding regions.
RNA 8:557-571, 2002.
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