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Site Map for the HugeIndex

This is the site map for the HugeIndex Database portion of the HugeIndex site. The HugeIndex Database is one of four databases included in or planned for this site.

We offer three ways to search the HugeIndex Database

  • Single Gene Use this function to examine the expression level of one gene in multiple tissues. You can look at the average expression level in each tissue type or investigate specific experiments.
  • Compare Organs This function lets you compare groups of organs and find groups of genes that are or are not expressed in both groups.
  • Create a Scatterplot This function lets you compare experiments or sets of experiments and identify genes expressed differentially. Click on a point to investigate it further using our Single Gene query tool or NCBI's LocusLink.
Interested in where our tissue samples came from? Our Supplemental Tables and Tissue Data page describes demographic information about our tissue donors as well as supplementary data from our publications.
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