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You can create a new page by just typing in a new name in your browser after the "http://cagt.bu.edu/page/", like http://cagt.bu.edu/page/mynewpage

Use this link to learn Wiki publishing skillz, it's easy! If you need to publish HTML, enclose your code in < H T M L> </ H T M L> to publish raw html code. You can even paste code with html tool submission forms. See example ( TRF) DON'T FORGET TO RESTRICT INTRANET PAGES (use restrict tab, not protect tab)! Use sandbox to play around with wiki coding.

Page of formatting shortcuts. [1]

Changing menus

Use MediaWiki:MenuTop page to edit menu categories from the bar on top.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuHomeTop page to edit the Home menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuLabsTop page to edit the Labs menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuPublicationsTop page to edit the Publications menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuPeopleTop page to edit the People menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuToolsTop page to edit the Tools menu.

Use MediaWiki:MenuLeft page to edit menu categories from the bar on the left.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuIntranet page to edit the Intranet menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuNavigation page to edit the Home menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuDatabases page to edit the Databases menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuDNA page to edit the DNA sequences menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuGenes page to edit the Gene Regulation menu.
    Use MediaWiki:MenuProteins page to edit the Protein Engineering menu.

MediaWiki:Monobook.js has tooltip and access keys information.


For \sqrt{2-e^2} use <m a t h>\sqrt{2-e^2}</m a t h>. Complete guide is here.

Tabs (making custom tabs)

  1. Create pages in this fashion: mypage_about, mypage_documents, mypage_other, etc. There must be an underscore in each name.
  2. Create a page called MediaWiki:mypage_tabs. DON'T FORGET: WIKI IS CASE SENSITIVE! Portion before underscore must be of the same case as first portion of your pages' names. _tabs must be all lowercase! Put the following in the file ({{SERVER}} will resolve to correct host name):

Example of a page with custom tabs

Private Wiki Sections

There are 2 ways to hide pages on CAGT wiki, Page Restrictions and Namespace Restrictions.

  • Page Restrictions are done using the “restrict�? tab. They make pages only visible to people in the "restrict" group.
  • Namespace restrictions require a namespace to be created by the administrator and users assigned privilges to view it. Contact Yevgeniy to create a private namespace if you need one. Once your namespace is assigned (ex: CHESS), you can create pages in this fashion: http://cagt.bu.edu/page/CHESS:mypagename. A customizable menu is automatically shown in the “intranet�? section which can be modified using the http://cagt.bu.edu/page/MediaWiki:CHESS_menu page.
Protein Engineering