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Consensus Server - Submit a Job

Enter your target sequence (only one at a time) text here: Note: Sequence must be either in pure FASTA format or plain sequence.

Or upload your target sequence file

Five lettered name or header for the target sequence:

(Optional) Template PDB code: and the chain identifier (leave blank if none): Fill these two fields if you are reasonably sure that they are correct.

Email address to send the results: (Please be sure that your incoming email server is not going to block mail from apache@bu.edu)


Please cite:
J.C. Prasad, S.R. Comeau, S. Vajda, and C.J. Camacho.
Consensus alignment for reliable framework prediction in homology modeling. Bioinformatics 2003 19: 1682-1691
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Please send feedback and comments to
or to the senior researcher in charge of this project Dr. Carlos Camacho

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